August 05, 2016

Recycle and Craft Trash Bank

This is an illegal waste disposal sites around our housing area of "Citra Daya Permai 2" (eks. KODAM 2) RT. E RW. 2, close to Public Junior High School "34 Daya". For the last two years the residents here have not been paying waste transporting fees since there is excavation site at the back of housing area where they can dispose waste and litter without paying fees. They do not realize or probably do not care about the harmful effects of this behavior.

We have tried discussing this issue with local authorities to prevent accumulation of waste but they also give up. Actually, several waste banks were established in Makassar but still were unable to handle and accomodate the needs of the whole town, only few of them.

We care because we do not want to be impacted. Our plan is to establish waste bank in order to minimize the buildup of waste. Details of our plans as follows:
  1. The most important thing for us to do in the beginning is to hold funds to build dry waste reservoirs so it will be easier for us to process the materials for our economic base: We make souvenirs from recycled materials such as papers, plastic bottles, and plastic bags. The challenge is we still cannot afford to build a landfill since the benefits we get from that business is not much.
  2. We also want to build separate bins for wet waste so it can directly collect household food waste then compost it, so the land that had been occupied for littering can we cultivate into gardens together with the residents.
  3. Create newsletter for environmental education to distribute to the neighbours so they will be more aware of the importance of protecting the environment to prevent water, soil and air pollution. The main target of our garbage bank customers are children because the housing area is close to elementary and junior high schools, we also believe children are easier to learn and care than adults.
  4. We will use the benefits of those projects to farm livestocka that consume household leftovers such as chickens and pigs.

We will sell used goods which we cannot recycle to collectors. We talked to them about possibility of working together to run business of selling used goods.

 If there is still garbage we cannot recycle, we will contain it and cooperate with garbage transporting trucks of Makassar city, the benefits of of waste bank will be used to pay garbage trucks fee. But we hope we are able to recycle all garbage.

If both these points above start running we will invite and encourage housewives to open a larger business of souvenirs from recycled materials so it can be their economic base. 

We cannot wait to start this project. Thank you that you care and want to support :*

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